WATER & Drainage

We have an established team of Project Managers, Supervisor, Drainers, Pipelayers and Operators with many years of experience in the safe delivery of water, sewer and drainage and other buried assets.

With the ability to resource up for large scale jobs or to run multiple small crews we are able to accommodate most projects from small repairs and valve replacements to large scale turnkey treatment plant or pump station projects.

We have experience in the construction of water pressure pipelines in multiple materials and sizes, bore collector mains and borefield upgrades including bore headworks, compounds and gravel access tracks, new water distribution mains, new gravity or sewer pressure mains, pump station construction and upgrades, water and wastewater treatment plant  construction and upgrades (including pond construction, lining cleaning and repairs), dam wall repairs, large drainage works, drainage culverts and even revetment seawall construction. 

Please have a browse through our gallery to see some of the multitude of projects we undertake. Many or our best work ends up being buried and reinstated, making their quality and integrity even more important. 

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