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Roadline Traffic Services are available in Kununurra

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Roadline provide Traffic Services in Kununurra.

Our Traffic Management division is based in the Kimberley and offers services in Kununurra. We are available 24/7 in Kununurra and the Roadline traffic management team specialise in all your traffic management needs ranging from major road projects, emergency response, events, basic road closures and even traffic management plans and diagrams. All of our personnel responsible for our worksite traffic management are appropriately trained and qualified to the required standards.

To find out more please contact Roadline's traffic manager Kaine Wright now on P: 9192 2433 M: 0417 697 117 or E: [email protected]

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  1. Chris van Rooyen

    I would like to enquire about daily/hourly charge rates for traffic control on the Great Northern Highway close to Wyndham. I will need 2vehicles with crew and 1 visual message board. Have you got TMA's as well? regards,

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